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Eco-Standard Trays

Eco-Roof’s Eco-Standard Trays are a high quality, economical green roof product comprised of recycled materials. Standard vegetated green roof trays are available for immediate shipping year round. Green roof trays can also be custom grown.

Please contact our experienced Eco-Roofs representative for additional information on green roof products including specs and cut sheets. Full brochure available here.

Tray system from Eco-Roofs shown empty 3.3″, and with soil media.

Depth: 3.3″

Weight: Maximum, fully saturated weight with mature plant foliage: 23 pounds per square foot. (average dry weight 18lbs/sf)

Material: 100% recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic trays

Wall Thickness: 150 mil (more than 1/4″). No lip allows flush fit.

Color: Black for enhanced UV resistance.

Handles: Molded into the tray on both ends for safe, convenient carrying.

Drainage: 46 hole (3/8″) in the lowest points of the tray and edges; Bidirectional drainage channels molded into the bottom of the tray.

Water Reservoirs: Minimal to avoid root rot.

Media: Engineered growing media meets German FLL guidelines.

Plant Types: Standard Sedum; Can be grown to full established (95%+ coverage) with enough lead time. Other approved plants may be possible.

Eco-Mat Pre-Vegetated Sedum Mat

Sedum cuttings rooted into a coir blanket designed to reinforce soil and roots for green roof vegetation. The mats are pre-grown on speculation with a standard mix of at least 8 varieties of performance proven Sedum species. Full Brochure available here.

Pre-Vegetated Sedum Eco-Mat shown in tray with exposed roots to show quality.

Size: 10″ x 20″ (1.3 square feet) standard

Depth: Approximately 1″ soil/stabilizer depth

Place on 3″ or more of green roof media above filtration, drainage and protection                 fabrics.

Weight: 5-7 pounds per square fot (average dry weight 4lbs/sf)

Plus the weight of the media and layers placed under the Eco-Mat and any                         potentially retained water by those components. Typical installation with 3″ of                       media and minimal water retention reservoirs will be 25-35lbs/sf for full system                     when fully saturated.

Base: Reinforced Coir Root Stabilizer

Plant Types: Standard Sedum; Can be grown to full establishment (95%+ coverage) with                         enough lead time.