What is a Green Roof?

  • Answer: A Green Roof is vegetation growing on a man-made structure.

What are the benefits of a green roof?

  • Answers: There are many benefits to installing green roofs. Here are a few:
    • Mitigation of the Urban Heat Island Effect
    • Storm-water Management
    • Energy Efficiency in the Building
    • Creating a More Ecological and Sustainable Environment
    • Noise Reduction
    • Extended Life of the Roofing Materials and the Waterproofing Membrane
    • Green Job Creation
    • Improved Aesthetics

What are the differences between extensive and intensive green roofs?

  • Answer: The depth of the growing media (green roof soil) defines an intensive versus an extensive green roof. Roofs with growing media depths under 6″ are considered extensive. Roofs with depths over 6″ are considered intensive.

What are the advantage of a modular green roof?

  • Answer: Eco-Roofs provides both materials for built up systems and modular green roof systems. However, we specialize in the modular or tray systems primarily because they can be pre-grown at the Nursery. This way they are shipped with a fully established plant system that is ready to immediately provide all the benefits of a green roof. They also instantly look fantastic, especially when they are installed during the summer in full bloom. There is no waiting 1-2+ years for the plants to grow and fill out. Maintenance costs are greatly reduced since the roof does not require as much monitoring, weeding, fertilizing and watering as “built in place” or “just plugged” options do. Weeds are kept to a minimum because there are not places for them to get started. Wind erosion is nearly eliminated because the plant foliage blocks the wind from reaching the soil particles.

How does Eco-Roofs grow its system?

  • Answer: Primarily our system grows from mature plugs rather than cuttings or mat. Mature plugs are at least a year old before they are put into our trays. Once the plugs are planted, we can have fully established trays in 12-15 weeks of summer growing with a fully rooted tray and full plant coverage.  Starting from plugs also extends our growing season by allowing us earlier and later start and finish times.

What is “full Establishment?”

  • Answer: This is when the system is fully rooted and grown in. Some systems look only for full plant coverage on the top but Eco-Roofs also considers the roots that are unseen which are the key to provide a healthy, long lasting product. Most of Eco-Roofs trays are grown by our parent company, Twixwood Nursery with 49 years of growing experience. Eco-Roofs’ trays are fully established at the Nursery under the watchful eye of a team of experienced horticulturists.

Does Eco-Roofs require irrigation?

  • Answer: Since our Eco-Standard trays are fully established with tough, drought tolerant Sedum, they are mostly self-sustaining.  In most parts of the country, watering is only necessary in drought conditions and therefore, can be done by a temporary system if necessary.  Highly visible roofs, intensive roofs, roofs with plants other than Sedum and the drier parts of the country should plan on installing an irrigation system.  Irrigation can be done in many ways but a simple and effective method is a dripline system laid on top of the trays.  The plants will grow up and hide the lines while still allowing for easy access for repairs, winter drainage, etc.

What are the maintenance requirements of the Eco-Roof System?

  • Answer: Check for weeds and proper roof drainage several times a year.  See our Maintenance Recommendations for more details.

Can I walk on the green roof?

  • Answer: Yes, at least some.

We recommend that paths be created with ballast stone, pavers, rubber pads or by other acceptable methods in areas that require heavy or regular foot traffic especially where tools and equipment are involved.

One person can walk sparingly without causing permanent damage on standard, low-growing Sedum. Care should be taken to avoid walking the same path, standing in one spot or trampling the plants. If it is necessary to perform repairs where green roof trays are located, it is best to cover the plants with plywood or rigid insulation to spread the weight and damage. Covering the plants should be limited to 4 hours and should not take place in hot, humid conditions.

What kind of edging is needed?

  • Answer: Our Eco-Standard 3.3″ deep trays do not require edging. This will save you the cost of materials and associated labor. Deep modules do require green roof edging and we can provide this for you. Give our Eco-Roofs representatives a call for more details.

Does Eco-roofs have deep module options?

  • Answer: Currently, our 4″ and 6″ deep trays are unavailable.  Other depths and tray styles are in development. Please contact us if you have need for deeper trays.  We are happy to try and accommodate those needs.

How long does it take to get our order?

Answer: We maintain a substantial quantity of our 3.3″ Eco-Standard trays fully established and ready to ship all year long. We can ship within a matter of days most of the year. Custom grow options for other depths and custom plant mixes take about 12-15 weeks of summer growing for most plants.

Can the trays be installed on a sloped roof?

  • Answer: Yes, Eco-Standard trays can be installed on low to medium sloped roofs. Steeper roofs (above 20% slope) may require additional in-tray media stabilization.

Why do the Eco-Standard trays not have an irrigation system?

  • Answer: Sedum can survive without an irrigation system in most parts of North America. Saving the expense of an irrigation system can be the difference that makes a green roof affordable. But, in addition to a cost savings, water conservation is an important consideration. By not only managing storm water but also by growing a plant selection that will survive without supplemental irrigation, you can contribute to water conservation. However, if an irrigation system is desired, our Eco-Standard trays can be irrigated in several ways. Usually, the most effective way is to lay drip irrigation lines on top of the trays after installation. Then, allow the plants to grow up and hide them.

Can I buy plants from Eco-Roofs?

  • Answer: Yes, our parent company, Twixwood Nursery grow thousands of plant varieties in many different sizes. We have cuttings, plugs and potted plants.

How far will you ship materials?

  • Answer: We ship throughout North America and have a fleet of vehicles which allows us to ship orders of any size.

Does Eco-Roofs grow its own plants?

  • Answer: Yes, we start most of our plants from cutting or root stock maintained in our fields and grows it to the appropriate size before planting into the tray system. We have great quality control from the beginning of the plant’s life through delivery to your jobsite.  We insure best quality product for your client.

How much does Eco-Roofs cost?

  • Answer:  We offer quantity discount pricing on our products. Pricing starts at under $10 sf for quantities over 4,000 sf of our 3.3″ Eco-Standard trays.  Freight is additional.  Do to the uniqueness of each roof and each project, we recommend requesting a quote for each project. We make every effort to return quotes within one to two business days. Simply fill out the form in our Quote Request form tab or email us at questions@eco-roofs.com.  Call us today at (269) 471-7408. We’ll be happy to look over plans and specs and provide answers to your green roof questions.